Adversity and Resilience, Life

The ‘Final Five’ Life Lessons from the ‘Courage to Soar’

I love a good, inspiring book that leaves you with a sense of fearlessness. “Courage to Soar: A Body in Motion, A Life in Balance” by Simone Biles, is an inspirational story of strength and overcoming obstacles. Last year, while at the World Championships, Simone crushed more obstacles when she was in the emergency room with a kidney stone – only hours…

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Adversity and Resilience

The Road to Healing Takes Time

Last week was tough. The world witnessed a tragedy that has become all too familiar, another school shooting. A day that was supposed to be about love and peace, turned dark and cold for so many. On the day after, when I dropped my little dude off at his school, he dashed into his classroom shoving his backpack into his…

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