Hello 2019!

For many, this past weekend marked the end to the Christmas Holiday season. As I took our fur baby on his afternoon walk, my neighbors were all hard at work with taking down their decorations. And just like that, the neighborhood looked a little bare. By Sunday evening, our house took its original form. Suddenly, I found myself craving simplicity, and the need for some fresh inspiration. I took this as an opportunity to look at 2019 with my eyes wide open. As I sat down to write this post, I asked myself, what will be my words to live by for 2019?

Grow ~ Inspire ~ Intentional ~ Enjoy


The word “grow” means something to everyone. For me, it means to cultivate and bloom. If you read my year in review, you caught that in 2018, I went beyond my comfort zone and tried some new things. For 2019, I want to take this to the next level and really grow professionally and personally. After all, you “bloom where you are planted”.

“There is nothing in nature that blooms all year long, so don’t expect yourself to do so either.” – Author Unknown


I love to be inspired and that is what drives me to inspire others. Every day I am inspired. Sometimes, it’s by someone I don’t even know. Most of the time, it’s by those who are closest to me. In 2019, I hope to inspire others through my words and actions. I believe that “beautiful minds, inspire others”.

“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.” – Maya Angelou


The word intentional, means “perform with awareness”. Have a purpose with your actions. Not because you have something to gain, rather that you have something to lose if not intentionally approached. With the wheels of 2019 in motion, the words: “live less out of habit and more out of intent” motivates me to be better than I was in 2018.

“A few years ago, I realized I was decorating and designing my house around what was beautiful rather than practical for my family. When I made that realization, everything kind of clicked for me. I started being intentional about designing spaces with my kids in mind rather than picture-perfect rooms.”

– Joanna Gaines


Sometimes, I catch myself reflecting too much in the past. I find myself hanging out there for a while afraid of what I’ll miss. Because time just flies when you’re having fun. In 2019, I’ve given myself the challenge of living in the present and enjoying every moment the now has to offer. My goal is to be less distracted and have a clearer mind. With that, I challenge you to do the same. There will be times of joy and disappointment, but whatever it ends up being, you must enjoy the journey to get where you are going.

“Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, dreams are forever.” – Walt Disney

What are your 4 words to live by for the new year? Whatever they are for you, don’t feel overwhelmed by thinking you have to have it all figured out in the first week of 2019. From today, you have 357 new days to grab 357 new opportunities, but who’s counting? Approach this fresh start with intent, determination, and embrace the idea of new beginnings!

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